Palliative Care is care given to people with a terminal illness where a cure is not possible.
Guardian Response can be with you in these very difficult times. Often palliative care refers to end of life care but palliative care starts earlier.

Often the person needs care overnight and it may not be possible for family to stay up every night. Our staff can be beside the person and provide care and compassion to allow family to take a break from caring.

The Bow Tie model of Palliative care is where active intervention gradually declines over a period of time and supportive treatments steps up gradually.

Palliative Care consists of

  • Self help and support
  • User involvement
  • Information giving
  • Psychological support
  • Symptom control
  • Social support
  • Rehabilitation
  • Complementary therapies
  • Spiritual support
  • End of life and bereavement care


Myth: Palliative Care is only for those who are dying
Reality: Palliative Care is for living well and helps to achieve the best possible quality of life.
Myth: The doctors have given up.
Reality: Palliative care is a change from curative treatments to comfort based treatments.
Myth: Palliative care is only possible in a Hospital or Hospice.
Reality : Palliative care care be provided at home.